Dear all

We're really glad to confirm to you today that the server will be officially open on the 20th June 2018! (ETA 3pm GMT)
Despite it not having been the easiest journey so far, I'm really glad with how the server has come along and there really isn't much left to complete. It's mostly backroom tasks that need to be finished, such as creating a banner (which we will mostly likely just use the old one), finalising up the shop, ensuring permissions are correct and adding the finishing touches to the website. I'm also looking to get some beta testers on from 15th-20th June to iron out any bugs.
On the actual release day, I am planning on streaming from about 2pm onwards and uploading the stream to YouTube after. The goal will be to add the server to as many server lists as possible in the afternoon, and hopefully get plenty of players online.
I honestly can't wait, and I have a really good feeling that the server will be a success. It's only baby steps right now, but with a strong playerbase anything is possible.
Ernie009 Can't wait :d

Good afternoon everyone,

Although this site has a grand total of zero members, it's worth adding here that we've now opened the server up for beta testing. There is still along way to go until we are fully ready to open and begin advertising, but if for some reason you've stumbled along this site, you're more than welcome to join and have a look round.

Best wishes!


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